Jason Castro Pt. 2

Jason Castro has had a secret. And it nearly cost him his marriage.

After starring on season seven of  “American Idol,” Castro went on tour. That’s when a secret addiction exploded. That addiction? Porn.

“This has been a big secret, an awkward secret,” he admits.

While the show kept him busy, a sense of loneliness set in after. He ran towards porn, which eventually led to him cheating on his girlfriend and future wife, Mandy.

“It was the next step.”

He was overcome with shame, which would start a cycle of watching more porn. He eventually told his girlfriend about the incident and the porn, and she called off the relationship. Four months later, they reconciled. And by 2010 they were married. While Mandy threatened to leave Jason if he ever looked at porn again, he still couldn’t stop chasing it.

But a random invitation to attend a meeting at church finally set him down the road to freedom. Now it was up to Mandy to decide what she was going to do.

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